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PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Te°,[Sk.trai°] secondary base of numeral three (fr.ti) in compn:having a relation to a triad of,three-; in numerical cpds.also=three (see under tayo).

--kaṭula containing 3 spices (of yāgu),viz.tila,taṇḍula,mugga Vin.I,210; III,66; --cīvarika wearing three robes (cp.ticīvara) Vin.I,253; Ud.42; Pug.69; Vism.60.--daṇḍika carrying the tripod (see tidaṇḍa),Ep.of a brahmin ascetic A.III,276; J.II,316 (=kuṇḍikaṁ ṭhapanatthāya tidaṇḍaṁ gahetvā caranto); --dhātuka (nt.) the (worlds of the) threefold composition of elements=tiloka Nett 14,63 (tedhātuke vimutti= sabbadhi vippamutta),82; cp.Kvu 605; --piṭaka versed in the three piṭakas (see piṭaka),Ep.of theras & bhikkhus J.IV,219; Miln.18 sq.; DhA.I,7,384; III,385; Dāvs.V,22.Cp.Sk.tripiṭo bhikṣuḥ (AvŚ I.334 & Index to Divy); --bhātika having 3 brothers DhA.I,88,97.--bhūmaka belonging to the 3 stages of being (viz.the kāma,rūpa,arūpa existences; cp.°dhātuka & tiloka) DhA.I,305; IV,72; DhsA.50,214 (°kusala),291; --māsa (nt.) 3 months,i.e.a season M.I,438; Miln.15; DhA.II,192; PvA.20; --vācika pronouncing the threefold formula (of the saraṇa-gata) Vin.I,18; --vijja (adj.) possessed of the 3 fold knowledge (i.e.either the higher knowledge of the Brahmins,i.e.the 3 Vedas [cp.Sk.trayī vidyā=the knowledge of the Vedas] or of the Buddha & Arahants,as defined at A.I,164 sq.,viz.(1) remembrance of former births,(2) insight into the (future) destiny of all beings,(3) recognition of the origin of misery & of the way to its removal,i.e.of the Path):1.brahmanic:D.I,238; A.I,163; also as tevijjaka (n.) D.I,88,107,119.-- 2.buddhistic:Vin.II,161; M.I,482; S.I,194; A.I,167 =It.100; Sn.594=VvA.10; Pug.14; DhA.I,138; Sdhp.420.--tevijjatā (abstr.) Vism.5.(Page 306)

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