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rajo: 塵埃、污物、不淨染污
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Rajo,(rajas) & Raja (nt.) [raj,see rajati & rañjati.Vedic rajaḥ meaning:(a) space,as region of mist & cloud,similar to antarīksa,(b) a kind of (shiny) metal (cp.rajata); see Zimmer,Altind.Leben 55].A Forms.Both rajo & rajaṁ occur as noun & Acc.sg.,e.g.rajo at D.II,19; Sn.207,334; Dhs.617; rajaṁ at Sn.275; It.83; once (in verse) rajo occurs as m,viz.Sn.662.The other cases are formed from the a-stem only,e.g.rajassa Sn.406; pl.rajāni Sn.517,974.In compn we find both forms,viz.(1) rajas either in visarga form rajah,as (a) rajo-,(b) raja- and (c) rajā- (stressed),or in s-form (d) rajas-; (2) raja-,appearing apostrophied as (e) raj-.B Meanings.(1) (lit.) dust,dirt; usually wet,staining dust D.II,19 (tiṇa+); Sn.662=PvA.116 (sukhumo rajo paṭivātaṁ khitto); It.83; Dhs.617 (dhūmo+).adj.rāja°: in sa° & a° vāta Vin.II,209; Vism.31.The meaning “pollen” [Sk.raja,m.] may be seen in “raja-missakaṁ rasaṁ” at DhA.I,375.‹-› 2.(fig.) stain,dirt,defilement,impurity.Thus taken conventionally by the P.commentators as the 3--fold blemish of man’s character:rāga dosa moha,e.g.Nd1 505; SnA 255; DhA.III,485; or as kilesa-raja at SnA 479.-- Sn.207 (niketā jāyate rajo),334,665 (rajaṁ ākirasi,metaph.),974 (pañca rajāni loke,viz.the excitement caused by the 5 bāhirāni āyatanāni Nd1 505.Also in stanza rāgo rajo na ca pana reṇu vuccati (with dosa & moha the same) Nd1 505=Nd2 590 (slightly diff.)=J.I,117=Vism.388,cp.Divy 491 with interesting variation.-- adj.raja° in two phrases apagata° VvA.236 & vigata° Nd1 505 ≈ free from defilement.-- On raja in similes see J.P.T.S.1907,126.Cp.vi°.-- C.Compounds.(a) rajo-:°jalla dust and (wet) dirt,muddy dirt D.II,18; Vin.III,70; J.IV,322; V,241; Miln.133,195,258,410; SnA 248,291.--jallika living in dirty mud,designation of a class of ascetics M.I,281; J.I,390.--dhātu “dust-element” (doubtful trsln) D.I,54,which DA.I,163 explns as “raja-okiṇṇa-ṭṭhānāni,” i.e.dusty places.Dial.trsl.“places where dust accumulates,” Franke,Dīgha p.57 as “Staubiges” but rightly sees a deeper,speculative meaning in the expression (Sāṅkhya doctrine of rajas?).--mala dust & dirt J.I,24.--vajalla [this expression is difficult to explain.It may simply be a condensed phrase rajo’va jalla,or a redupl.cpd.rajo+avajalla,which was spelt raj-ovajalla for ava° because of rajo,or represents a contamination of raj-avajalla and raj-ojalla,or it is a metric diaeresis of rajo-jalla] dust and dirt Dh.141 (=kaddama-limpan’ākārena sarīre sannicita-rajo DhA.III,77).--haraṇa dirt-taking,cleaning; wet rag,floor-cloth,duster Vin.II,291; A.IV,376; J.I,117; DhA.I,245.-- (b) raja-:--reṇu dirt and dust J.IV,362; --vaḍḍhana indulgence in or increase of defilement Th.2,343 (“fleshly lusts” trsl.); ThA.240 (=rāga-raj’ādi-saṁvaḍḍhana).-- (c) rajā-:°patha dusty place,dustiness,dust-hole D.I,62,250; S.II,219; DA.I,180 (here taken metaphorically:rāga-raj’ādīnaṁ uṭṭhāna-ṭṭhānaṁ).-- (d) rajas-:°sira with dusty head Sn.980; J.IV,184,362,371.See paṅkadanta.-- (e) raj-:--°agga a heap of dust,dirt J.V,187 (=rajakkhandha C.); fig.=kilesa Pug.65,68 (here perhaps nt.of a distorted rajakkha? So Kern,Toev.s.v.).--°upavāhana taking away the dust (or dirt) Sn.391,392.(Page 562)
Pali-Dictionary Vipassana Research Institute
rajo:and (rajaṃ)Dust,dirt; the pollen of flowers; human passion,impurity,moral defilement; the menstrual flow
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
rajo:ရေဇာ (န) (√ရဇ္)
ျမဴ။ အညစ္အေၾကး။

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