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パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
rūpin:a.[rūpa-in] 色ある,有色,有形,色身 nom.rūpi.rūpīduka 有色二法.rūpīdhamma 有色法.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Rūpin,(adj.) [fr.rūpa] 1.having material qualities,possessed of form or shape or body or matter,belonging to the realm of form.rūpī is nearly always combd & contrasted with arūpī formless,incorporeal (see rūpa D 2 a),cp.combn rūpī arūpī saññī asaññī nevasaññinâsaññī Nd2 617 and similarly It.87=Miln.217.-- D.I,34 (attā dibbo rūpī),77 (kāyo r.manomayo),186 (attā etc.),195 (attapaṭilābho r.manomayo); III,111,139; M.II,229; S.III,46 (r.arūpī saññī etc.); IV,202,402; A.II,34; Nd1 97,137; Ps.II,38 (rūpī rūpāni passati); Dhs.635,1091,1444; Vbh.123,342 (read rūpī); Nett 28 (pañc’indriyāni rūpīni),69 (five rūpīni indriyāni & five arūpīni); DA.I,119 (attā); DhsA.304 (rūpino dhammā); VbhA.511 sq.(attā).-- 2.(-°) having the appearance of,resembling:see rumma°.(Page 575)

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