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漢譯パーリ語辭典 黃秉榮譯
ogha:m.[〃] 暴流,流,洪水.-ātiga,-tiṇṇa 已越過暴流的,已渡過暴流的.
パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
ogha:m.[〃] 暴流,流,洪水.-ātiga,-tiṇṇa 暴流を越ぇたる,暴流を渡れる.
《巴漢詞典》Mahāñāṇo Bhikkhu編著
Ogha,【陽】 洪水,把人掃離解脫的。 ~tiṇṇa,【形】 已經克服洪水的人。(p85)
Ogha,(Vedic ogha and augha; BSk.ogha),【陽】洪水(a flood of water=udak’ogha)。古譯:暴流、瀑流。oghatiṇṇa,【形】已經克服(煩惱)洪水的人。mahogha﹐大瀑流(a great flood )。oghatiṇṇo,越瀑流(crossed the flood﹐指阿羅漢)。kāmogha﹐業瀑流。
Buddhist Dictionary by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA
ogha:'floods',is a name for the 4 cankers (āsava,q.v.).
Concise Pali-English Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera
ogha:[m.] a flood; that which sweeps a man away from emancipation; torrent.
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Ogha,[Vedic ogha and augha; BSk.ogha,e.g.Divy 95 caturogh’ottīrṇa,Jtm 215 mahaugha.Etym.uncertain].1.(rare in the old texts) a flood of water VvA.48 (udak’ogha); usually as mahogha a great flood Dh.47; Vism.512; VvA.110; DhA.II,274 = ThA.175.-- 2.(always in sg.) the flood of ignorance and vain desires which sweep a man down,away from the security of emancipation.To him who has “crossed the flood”,oghatiṇṇo,are ascribed all,or nearly all,the mental and moral qualifications of the Arahant.For details see Sn.173,219,471,495,1059,1064,1070,1082; A.II,200 sq.Less often we have details of what the flood consists of.Thus kāmogha the fl.of lusts A.III,69 (cp.Dhs.1095,where o.is one of the many names of taṇhā,craving,thirst).In the popular old riddle at S.I,3 and Th.1,15,633 (included also in the Dhp.Anthology,370) the “flood” is 15 states of mind (the 5 bonds which impede a man on his entrance upon the Aryan Path,the 5 which impede him in his progress towards the end of the Path,and 5 other bonds:lust,ill-temper,stupidity,conceit,and vain speculation).Five Oghas referred to at S.I,126 are possibly these last.Sn.945 says that the flood is gedha greed,and the avijjogha of Pug.21 may perhaps belong here.As means of crossing the flood we have the Path S.I,193 (°assa nittharaṇatthaṁ); IV,257; V,59; It III (°assa nittharanatthāya); faith S.I,214 = Sn.184 = Miln.36; mindfulness S.V,168,186; the island Dh.25; and the dyke Th.1,7 = Sn.4 (cp.D.II,89).3.Towards the close of the Nikāya period we find,for the first time,the use of the word in the pl.,and the mention of 4 Oghas identical with the 4 Āsavas (mental Intoxicants).See D.III,230,276; S.IV,175,257; V,59,292,309; Nd1 57,159; Nd2 178.When the oghas had been thus grouped and classified in the livery,as it were,of a more popular simile,the older use of the word fell off,a tendency arose to think only of 4 oghas,and of these only as a name or phase of the 4 āsavas.So the Abhidhamma books (Dhs.1151; Vbh.25 sq.,43,65,77,129; Comp.Phil.171).The Netti follows this (31,114--24).Grouped in combn. āsavagantha-ogha-yoga-agati-taṇh’upādāna at Vism.211.The later history of the word has yet to be investigated.But it may be already stated that the 5th cent.commentators persist in the error of explaining the old word ogha,used in the singular,as referring to the 4 Āsavas; and they extend the old simile in other ways.Dhammapāla of Kāñcipura twice uses the word in the sense of flood of water (VvA.48,110,see above 1).

--âtiga one who has overcome the flood Sn.1096 (cp.Nd2 180).--tiṇṇa id.S.I,3,142; Sn.178,823,1082,1101,1145; Dh.370 (= cattāro oghe tiṇṇa DhA.IV,109); Vv 6428 (= catunnaṁ oghānaṁ saṁsāra-mah’oghassa taritattā o.VvA.284); 827; Nd1 159; Nd2 179.(Page 164)
Pali Viet Dictionary Bản dịch của ngài Bửu Chơn.
OGHA:[m] nước lũ,dòng nước,hầm (lôi cuốn con người ra khỏi sự giải thoát) --tiṇṇa [a] thoát qua khỏi dòng nước (giải thoát)
Pali Viet Abhidhamma Terms Từ điển các thuật ngữ Vô Tỷ Pháp của ngài Tịnh Sự, được chép từ phần ghi chú thuật ngữ trong các bản dịch của ngài.
ogha:bộc bạo lưu
U Hau Sein’s Pāḷi-Myanmar Dictionary ပါဠိျမန္မာ အဘိဓာန္(ဦးဟုတ္စိန္)
ogha:ဩဃ (ပ)
ေရအလ်ဥ္။ ဝဋ္ဒုကၡ၌ နစ္မြန္းေစတတ္ေသာ တရားအေပါင္း။ အေပါင္း။
သီေလာဃ၊ သီလအေပါင္း။

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