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Evaṁ,【副】如此(thus (as mentioned)),這樣(thus (as follows))。evaṁvidha,【形】像這樣的。Evaṁ me sutaṁ (Evaṁ(副詞,如是) me(具格,被我) sutaṁ (過去分詞,已聽到),直譯:這樣,已被我聽說),如是我聞(thus have I heard)。evameva kho,同樣地。evaṃ mayā wrutam,evaṃ mayā wrutâdibhyah,【梵】如是我聞。
巴利文-漢文佛學名相辭匯 翻譯:張文明
Evaṁ:如是;如此(PS:Evaṁ me sutaṁ --- 如是我聞)
PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Evaṁ,(adv.) [Vedic evaṁ] so,thus,in this way,either referring to what precedes or what follows,e.g.(1) thus (as mentioned,expld. at Vism.528 as “niddiṭṭha-nayanidassana”) D.I,193 (evaṁ sante this being being so),195 (id.); Vin.II,194 (evaṁ bhante,yes); J.I,222; Pv.II,1312 evaṁ etaṁ,just so).-- (2) thus (as follows) M.I,483 (evaṁ me sutaṁ “thus have I heard”).-- Often combd. with similar emphatic part.,as evam eva kho “in just the same way” (in final conclusions) D.I,104,199,228,237,239; in older form evaṁ byā kho (= evam iva kho) Vin.II,26; IV,134 = DA.I,27; evam evaṁ “just so” D.I,51; Sn.1115; evaṁ kho D.I,113; evam pi Sn.1134; evaṁ su D.I,104; etc.etc.

--diṭṭhin holding such a view M.I,484.--nāma having that name M.I,429.(Page 162)

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